CIPPS™ EX100 - (Critical Infrastructure Pipeline Protection Systems™) is our multi-award winning product designed to revolutionise the way energy and natural resource markets transport their assets through pipes. CIPPS™ converts inert, analogue pipes into intelligent, digital devices. Through this digital conversion, CIPPS™ gives operators a unitary system, constantly aware of the condition of the entire network in real-time, with embedded intelligence that predicts failure points months prior to total outage - delivering a zero fail system.

This is the first major innovation in the pipeline infrastructure market for almost 50 years. The CIPPS™ technology drastically changes the global landscape on how critical infrastructure communicates with operators through the Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT). In-fact CIPPS™ provides the crucial missing link between the Internet Of Things (IOT) and connectivity for many applications far beyond pipeline assurance, such as: Defence, Aviation and Medical sectors, to name but a few.

CIPPS™ has received several awards for innovation and contribution to the industry, the most prestigious of which was awarded in November 2015 by CIR (Corporate Insurance & Risk) for “Best Use of Technology in Risk Management”, competing directly against and beating the world’s major players including Google. CIPPS™ technologies are protected by more than 15 international patents.


CIPPS™ EX100 reduces operating expenses by lowering intrusive 'in-line-inspections' as it can continually monitor wall-thickness and pipe coating measurements without downtime. It can accurately assess both internal and external corrosion sources with integrated cathodic protection (CP) – a $1 trillion problem without a satisfactory solution until now. Furthermore, CIPPS™ EX100 can easily provide operators with immediate non-destructive testing (NDT) equivalent information at request. All in a package that uses integrated low power sensors that intelligently sends only the information needed to operators to make the decisions that need to be made.

The benefits are considerable - a week of lower downtime per quarter increases throughput by 8%. This, however, is just the beginning. CIPPS™ EX100 is designed to work in harmony with its surroundings, preventing spills and detecting any that occur, helping our stakeholders maintain the pristine ecology of even the most environmentally sensitive of sites.

Not only will the cost of fines and bills for operators be slashed, the viability of pipelines themselves as a cost-effective, powerful conduit for energy supply, can once again be restored with EX100.


CIPPS™ EX100 uses a cutting edge package of tailored nanosensors combined with intelligent software. This reduces cognitive load and maximises the incredible computing power that our flexible electronics have to offer.

Traditional software systems have relied on a passive-active relationship. This dated concept would rely on passive sensors providing raw data to human operators to make their best judgement based on what is presented to them. These often complex control rooms have sadly been the sites of many of the worst disasters to have inflicted the energy industry.

No matter how much training employees receive, there is always a fatal flaw in these systems. The greater the complexity of the user interface, the greater the difficulty in making the right choice.

At Datatecnics, we want our users to focus on executing the right decisions based on having just the right information at the right time. To do this, our CIPPS™ patented technology changes the paradigm into an active-active relationship. Our CIPPS™ technology effectively interfaces with itself to establish structural integrity status, correct errors instantaneously and escalate issues as defined by clients for the most efficient, bespoke solution.