CIPPS™ WX100 is underpinned by the same core technology as in all CIPPS™ lines: intelligent materials and innovative nanosensors to monitor pipeline integrity on a real-time basis. CIPPS™ turns standard pipelines into intelligent self-analysing and self-reporting systems fit for purpose and benefiting users throughout the value chain.

WX100 will focus on measuring water pipeline stress levels at a molecular level, forecasting micro-fractures and using software algorithms to constantly monitor the integrity and resiliency of the pipeline throughout its network. It will be able to notify operators immediately of line bursts and leaks enabling rapid response maintenance. It will also offer real-time monitoring and predictive ability so that targeted, cost-effective preventative maintenance can be quickly carried out preventing unnecessary downtime or loss of water supply across any region protected by CIPPS™ WX100.


CIPPS™ WX100 is completely novel, industry disruptive product with no true competitors offering a completely unique proposition.

  • CIPPS™ WX100 is fully integrated into pipelines offering complete protection.
  • CIPPS™ WX100 reduces labor requirements by using integrated automated software and nanotechnology.
  • CIPPS™ WX100 avoids 'human detection' failures & notifies operators immediately in the event of a breach.
  • CIPPS™ WX100 offers predictive ability so the pipe can be upgraded even before there is a breach.
  • CIPPS™ WX100 makes operators fully aware of the extent to which leakages are present for better budget management.


IIoT is central to CIPPS™ WX100. Tens of thousands of sensors sheath and encase our water pipelines delivering real-time, instantaneous information to operators no matter what their geographical location. Instead of being forced to rely on present solutions which provide limited and delayed metrics on asset loss, structural deficiency and repair projections, water operators using our proprietary interface know the exact location of the leak, its severity and what CIPPS™ has actioned as an automated response. Using very low power and autonomous communication, Datatecnics nanosensors simultaneously provide operators with rich real-time information of how the CIPPS™ system is running and a prioritized list of actions for manual override.

With many regions losing up to 50% of their water just in distribution, CIPPS™ WX100 has true potential for any prospective operator seeking to provide abundant water supplies to their end-users.