Water Purification Solutions

Aqua Scientific Technologies (AST)

The ease of access to fresh water in economically developed countries understates the incredible efforts required by industry to produce this essential resource. As the world industrialized, whenever we needed more water, the solutions seemed clear-cut. However, drilling ever-deeper wells, extracting ever more water from rivers, lakes and ever-larger desalination plants are simply not sustainable extraction methods today. Aquifers will continue to decline, rivers have finite supply and desalination plants have substantial ecological and uneconomic footprints.

Demand for clean and potable water has now reached unprecedented levels with UNESCO forecasting a 40% shortfall in potable water by 2030 based on current trends with 4 billion people living in highly water-stressed areas. This includes significant percentages of economically developed countries with perhaps three quarters of the world's GDP under severe pressure.

Innovation is essential, and we are developing technologies that address these needs with viable commercial solutions. The benefit of Datatecnics AST, Aqua Scientific Technologies, is apparent - truly reprocessed water at source on demand.

What sets us apart from our competitors is how we purify wastewater: our process achieves the highest quality of freshwater without the use of chemicals or membranes. We achieve this with significantly less energy than other solutions currently available, while eliminating dangerous waterborne viruses and bacteria to deliver healthy, balanced water that meets the highest World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

This is a step change in capability. Instead of reprocessed water being treated with harsh chemicals before being discharged into rivers, our solution has the capability to return water to its original pristine state, creating a genuinely circular water life cycle.

System 10 will be optimized to operate at peak efficiency using revolutionary IIoT-based nanotechnology and will operate in almost any wastewater environment to maximize its global potential. This will range from municipal and utility applications, through to groundwater treatments, gray water processing, energy production, commercial buildings and other bulk user applications. We are also already investigating how we can best help non-governmental organizations (NGOs) maintain fresh water supplies during emergency and long-standing humanitarian crises.

We aim to create a world in which clean, fresh water is easily accessible to all and reducing the harmful environmental impact of current solutions. We believe we can achieve this with System 10, a true breakthrough technology.