Industrial Internet Of Things

IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the next big digital revolution. It refers to the networking of the physical world to an interconnected information system. Through this connectivity, inert physical structures and objects – such as pipelines, bridges and buildings – become intelligent, autonomous systems with the capability to speak to, and engage with, the world around them.

The IIoT market is set for rapid expansion over the next decade with projections stating a potential economic impact of $11 trillion. At Datatecnics, we not only have every confidence our products can capture a significant share of the IIoT market but drive growth in it too.

Our innovative Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies provide unprecedented levels of communication between the components in our clients’ legacy infrastructure and, in turn, unlock new economic potential. Purely physical infrastructures, with minimal self-reporting capabilities, become networked systems of information providing structural monitoring in real-time. These systems work with one another to ensure maximal asset protection and operational gains.

We believe in a world where our clients should have a rich stream of focused information to make the right commercial and business decisions whenever they need, wherever required at whatever time necessary. With IIoT, Datatecnics is able to provide comprehensive information that is not just relevant to, but is fully utilized by, clients’ infrastructure. Current information systems in IIoT use 1% of the total data generated. We vastly reduce data wastage through predictive and fully optimized controls.

The IIoT industry is rapidly expanding and we are there – ready to drive its growth and forge a new era of technological connectivity.