Investor Relations

Investor Relations

We know that as a global firm with high ambitions strong investor relations are essential to our growth. We cannot hope to achieve our vision – to become the leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enterprise by 2025 – without transparency, dialogue and dedication to our shareholders.

We are excited about what the future holds for our company. Rapid growth in the IIoT market, coupled with our drive to innovate step change technologies, will see Datatecnics as a market leader in the innovation of disruptive solutions in our business space.

Our proprietary, patent-protected product lines are developed so as to ensure the multiplication of our investors’ revenue for many years to come. We are a team of visionaries who maintain a constant eye on tomorrow whilst being very much aware of the environment of today.

Excitingly for Datatecnics, our growth is unlikely to slow down any time soon, but instead grow exponentially. Already, we are harnessing Defense and Space grade technologies in a manner never seen before in critical infrastructure markets. We are meeting the needs of future generations today by doing away with archaic asset protection practices.

In the water industry alone, System 10 – the product line closest to full market operation – solves a global-scale crisis at the fraction of the cost of current water purification methods. CIPPS™ WX100, the intelligent water pipeline protection system, is to be employed in tandem with System 10 to lower operator costs drastically and do away with the 50% loss of supply seen in transportation of water today.

In the energy sectors, the estimated annual spend of the Oil & Gas (O&G) market on pipelines sits at $50bn. According to Kevin Nash of NACE, the global corrosion authority, this is a $3 trillion problem.

Operators continue to be hampered by problems in the transportation of energy owing to corrosion, theft and pipeline damage. Here too, solutions to address the problems have been inadequate and those penned for future development look equally so. EX100 will bring the market up to date.

EX100 is another product from our flagship line CIPPS™ - the intelligent pipeline protection system designed over 5 years to disrupt the Pipeline Integrity Assurance (PIA) market. To make ‘dumb’ energy and water pipes into ‘intelligent’, autonomous devices that we can communicate with. CIPPS™ harnesses Intelligent Infrastructures Technologies, with inbuilt predictive analytics, delivering ‘Zero-Fail’ systems. We are the world’s first company to do this. We believe that one day every pipeline will be intelligent and powered by CIPPS™.

CIPPS™ operational capacities have been rigorously tested at the NPL (National Physics Laboratory) in Teddington, UK. The tests were overseen by senior executives at Saudi Aramco including Mr. Pablo D. Genta, Chief of Pipeline Technologies. All tests passed with 100% success rates. Yet more, the operational durability of the nanotechnology far exceeded the expectations of Saudi Aramco themselves. Aramco noted that they had never before seen CIPPS'™ levels of operational capability in the PIA market. For us, at Datatecnics, this is the standard we constantly work towards.

Datatecnics presents a number of solutions to the O&G industry from partial and upgradable solutions to complete architecture and field-wide intelligent pipes with fail-safe technologies embedded.

Our technologies are intelligent, durable, upgradeable, and much cheaper to develop and install than current solutions. Nanotechnology reporting gives us reporting on a molecular scale and provides the most accurate monitoring platform for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and DOF (Digital Oil Fields) integration.

With the economic value of IIoT forecast to exceed $3tn by 2025, our investors can look forward to giving rise to an entirely new, standardized, global industry. When we consider the potential applications from networking the entire physical world: the opportunities to be seized by Datatecnics’ R&D team are limitless. Our partners will be part of this historic opportunity to unlock the potential of IIoT. Through the implementation of our intelligent pipelines, smart water purification systems, use of intelligent materials and beyond, we will be at the forefront of what promises to be the most exponential market growth of the 21st century.

As we progress towards realizing our vision, we will keep our shareholders, public and private investors, and global partners fully informed about our publicly disclosed performance, operations and plans for the future.

We are innovators and visionaries. We build success through innovation. We work to secure the planet's most vital resources. We are Datatecnics.

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