We innovate

Visioning, creating, and commercializing technologies that will fundamentally upgrade the capabilities of our partner organizations and help them lead the way in the new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era. Revolutionizing the world’s physical infrastructure through cutting-edge smart materials, intelligent software and innovative product design - our products are designed to forge new fields in new markets.

At Datatecnics, our primary business focus is upon Energy, Water, Infrastructure, Cyber and Aviation Security. Through pioneering innovative, patented nanotechnologies we herald what we believe to be the first true market disruptive applications in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space. In this market we will create, develop and commercialize technologies with the capability to transform the way the worlds critical infrastructure understands its physical and digital environment - using instantaneously-processed data streams to provide intelligent responses.

Our technologies embed intelligence deep within critical infrastructure through nano-sensors capable of detecting activity on a molecular scale. Beyond just monitoring, our systems enable communication between clients, infrastructure and devices - protecting assets worth trillions of dollars. This is how we bring about new levels of efficiency and operational gains for the Energy, Water, Critical Infrastructure, Cyber and Aviation Security markets.