System 10

Aqua Scientific Technologies System 10

System 10 is the world's first intelligent, autonomous 'Nano-Water Processing System' (NWPS). We consider it to be generationally beyond all other water processing technology. System 10 restores wastewater back to a state where it has economic, social and commercial value, completely avoiding harsh chemicals and membranes in the purification process. It delivers unprecedented capability to reduce the water footprint of users by up to 90% through the efficient recycling of wastewater, at source, on demand.

System 10 has been designed and built with intelligent technologies embedded with future-proofing capabilities. This creates complete automation of the purification process without the need for human intervention. The process is further enhanced with real-time monitoring to ensure full visibility during the processing cycle. The systems are modular and scalable, such that they can be rapidly and efficiently embedded into existing infrastructure for smooth parallel processing, leading to improvements in performance, optimizations, and load balance, or if required, commissioned as a standalone units employed to complement or replace current processing operations.


System 10 possesses the capability to purify large bodies of water by utilizing our proprietary systems and smart materials in combination with uniquely established technologies. Working in unison, the entire process delivers class-leading refinement and energy performance. Unlike our competitors, we can achieve this without the use of any membranes or chemicals that taint the purification process.

All of this is achieved whilst also destroying 99.99% of bacteria and pathogens, purifying and oxygenating water and removing odour on contact. Waste in minimal, germ-free, and returned safely back to the environment with no negative impact. Built with a zeal for social responsibility, the entire process delivered by System 10 is clean, energy efficient and in harmony with nature. It is a system well equipped to respond to the plea of the modern age for a sustainable and compelling solution to global water management.


System 10 reduces the need for large capital and operational expenditure, delivering vast financial benefits to operators. It operates either as a standalone unit or utilized on a complementary basis for existing networks and critical water processing infrastructure. By being so versatile, System 10 delivers significant efficiency savings, from membranes, chemicals and energy requirements, extending the life expectancy of treatment plants and facilities. System 10 has been specifically developed for use by large utility firms, municipal water companies and volume water users across a range of industrial and commercial applications.

The technology increases clean and potable water yields, reducing stress on existing plants and infrastructure, extending operational lifetimes and delivering cost savings in energy, chemical usage, membranes, maintenance and operations. Designed as a low energy system, it operates under controlled flows at very low pressures, greatly reducing risk to operators & plants. Built for maximum reliability System 10's quantum processing core has no moving parts, is fully automated and operates continuously without intervention to provide maximal performance at all times.

Industrial & Commercial Applications

Comprehensive solutions are being developed for multi-faceted application across industries. Market ready systems will be available for bulk and volume water users such as utility companies, municipal water suppliers, hotels and apartment buildings. We are designing System 10 to be a truly adaptable product across all industries wherever clean and potable water is required.